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  • The Voice of the Data Center Industry

    Connecting and serving the companies that provide the digital infrastructure on which our modern society and economy are built.

    About Us

About the Data Center Coalition

DCC is the membership association for the data center industry, empowering and championing the data center community through public policy advocacy, thought leadership, stakeholder outreach, and community engagement. As the voice of the data center industry, DCC advocates for a highly skilled and diverse technology workforce, greater access to clean energy, and competitive business and tax policies to support the growth and success of this essential business sector.


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About Data Centers

Data centers are physical locations that organizations use to house their critical applications and data. Anything that takes place online “in the cloud” is powered by a data center.


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Our Members

DCC members are leading data center owners and operators who maintain data center infrastructure and investment nationally and across the globe.


Policy and Advocacy

DCC advocates for sound and forward-thinking public policies to support the growth and success of this essential business sector.


Stakeholder Outreach

DCC is an information resource for public officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders about the industry and broad impacts of the sector.



  • Center of Your Digital World

    As a growing industry, data centers support vital connectivity and enable a future of possibility, all while bringing substantial benefits to the communities where their teams live and work.

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