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DCC Member Benefits

All companies, regardless of the level at which they choose to become members, benefit from DCC’s public policy advocacy, thought leadership, stakeholder outreach, and community engagement.


Benefits Membership Class


Content and Activities Receive DCC communications, policy updates, etc.
Participate in designated DCC roundtables and meetings
Participate in DCC Committees and Work Groups (excluding Policy Committee)
Attend DCC’s Annual Meeting
Receive minutes from DCC Board meetings
Attend Board meetings by invitation  
Sponsor DCC projects or funds
Voting Rights Vote on matters submitted to General Membership by the Board
Annually elect one (1) representative from General Membership class to the DCC Board  
Set policies of the organization  
Leadership Appoint one company representative to the DCC Board of Directors  
Eligible to be elected DCC officer  
Eligible to have representatives considered for appointment by the Board to chair or co-chair DCC committees  
Eligible to have a representative appointed to the Policy Committee