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Membership in the Data Center Coalition is available to data center owners or operators based or headquartered in North America, Europe, or Japan. 


 Two levels of participation are available.

Regardless of membership level, all companies benefit from DCC’s public policy advocacy, thought leadership, stakeholder outreach, and community engagement.

Board Membership General Membership

Eligibility Criteria

Currently own, operate or have deployed data center facilities totaling 150 MW or greater capacity in multiple markets in North America for their own corporate use or that are occupied by one or more tenants.


Be a founding DCC Member 

Eligibility Criteria

Own or operate at least one data center facility in North America; and 

Have taken tangible steps toward deploying data center facilities totaling 75 MW or greater capacity in North America for their own corporate use or for occupation by a single tenant or by multiple tenants. 


Meet the eligibility requirements for Board Membership

NOTE: Companies that conduct cryptocurrency mining or cryptocurrency staking as their primary business or that base their business model on purchasing and selling land or other real estate entitlements are ineligible for DCC membership.


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