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Data Center Security

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  • Monitoring and safeguarding the human assets, intellectual property, integrity, reputation and physical assets to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Control and monitor daily entry and exit of individuals and vehicles into and out of the facility addressing both safety and security concerns. Deter unauthorized individuals and/or vehicles from entering the facility.
  • Monitor security and fire alarm system as well as designated CCTV covered assets and respond to alarms and/or potential security breaches in accordance with established procedures.
  • Conduct routine visual inspection of key assets and locations within the facility through scheduled roving foot and vehicle patrols, both inside and on the outside perimeter of the facility, throughout the year.
  • Assist customers, tenants and visitors as needed with safety and security issues and concerns, as well as with directions and general guidance regarding the facility.
  • Appropriately document any significant security and safety incidents and complete reports in accordance with established policy and procedures.
  • Perform badging access for all customers, visitors, vendors, contractors, in accordance with visitor entry request documentation.
  • The ability to quickly and effectively assess and de-escalate situations which may present a threat to the safety or security of anyone within the facility is paramount.


Education: Technical trade school or equivalent experience


Experience Alternative: Two or more years of experience in Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections or Military (active or reserve)


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