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As the voice of the data center industry, DCC provides industry information and shares insights with a variety of media outlets.


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Washington Business Journal

Data industry warns proposed Loudoun zoning regs 'discourage any additional' growth

(November 7, 2023; subscriber login required) The county's computer equipment tax pulls in more than $500 million annually, more than a quarter of all local tax revenues.

Virginia Public Media

Virginia Is the World’s Data Center Hub, But What’s the Cost?

(October 19, 2023) Much of today’s computing is done in what’s called “the Cloud.” Cloud computing runs through hundreds of massive buildings located here in the Commonwealth. We explore how Virginia became the hub for handling most of the world’s internet traffic and what that means for the state.

Milwaukee Business Journal

Microsoft’s Mount Pleasant data center would save millions through proposed sales tax exemption

(June 27, 2023; subscriber login required) Microsoft Corp. could save millions of dollars annually on sales taxes for its Mount Pleasant data center under a statewide exemption legislators added into the Wisconsin budget last week.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Virginia’s Data Centers and Economic Development

(Second Quarter 2023) The state's fast-growing data center industry continues to build on its early advantages.

Virginia Mercury

Data centers are a revelation in energy efficiency and are driving the clean energy transition

(March 2, 2023) When it comes to the future of data centers in the commonwealth, some of the recent public conversation has centered on whether and how much the industry impacts the environment. Often, a narrow focus is placed on the amount of electricity consumed by data centers; it is significant, and the industry has never shied away from the fact.